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The Ultimate Accessory Guide for your Woodwind

You've finally chosen your instrument of choice and you're looking forward to beginning your lessons. Here are a few accessories you will need as you venture on your Woodwind journey. Some of these items will ensure your instrument lasts a long time, while other items will ensure the best possible educational experience.

Accessories Galore

Swab (AKA Pull Through) - These items are great to have as the pull through and will keep your instrument dry. Pull Throughs remove any moisture left inside the instrument after use. Ensuring the moisture from your instrument has been removed will protect the pads and body from getting damaged.

Polishing Cloths - At times you will notice finger markings amongst other marks on your instrument. Polishing cloths are great to have as they allow you to keep your instrument free from fingerprints and watermarks. Polishing Cloths safely remove these markings without damaging or scratching your instrument.

Reeds - Needed for woodwinds, except flutes. Reeds are an essential item to have since woodwind instruments (besides the flute) require them to work properly. Reeds need to be changed regularly, so it's a good idea to have a few extra available in case one doesn't work or splits.

Neck Sling - Neck Slings are another great item to have in your essentials kit if you play saxophone, clarinet, or oboe. The flute doesn't need a neck strap! Neck slings keep your instrument in its place as you are practicing or performing. They help alleviate the weight of heavier instruments and will keep you from injuring yourself.

Pad Guard - This accessory works similar to the pull through as it removes moisture from your instrument, but instead the pad guard remains inside your instrument when it is not in use.

Other Accessories

Instrument Stand - Instrument stands ensure your instrument is secure and out of harm's way. It's better to put your instrument on one of these, than to lay it on the floor or to set it on the couch! Make sure your instrument is safe and secure!

Gig bag- Every musician needs one of these! It's essentially a bag with ALL of your accessories. This gig bag will become home to all of your instrument needs. You will be prepared for anything!

Metronome - A metronome is always good to have! This will help your rhythms stay in time and help you become a better musician as you practice.

Materials - And lastly, but not least, all your materials for your lessons! This includes your lesson book, your repertoire book, pencil, notebook to write your assignments down and a folder to keep all your loose papers together in one safe place.

We hope as you prepare to learn your new instrument, whether your lessons are in person or online, you have everything you need! There are so many more accessories you can purchase to aid in your educational journey of learning how to play an instrument, but these are some of the go-tos! You will be ready to succeed in your lessons with all these accessories!

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