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Music Theory is an important part of the foundation for any musician. Like language, music theory enables us to understand the structure and meaning behind a musical composition. The purpose of learning music theory is to prepare you to compose or perform a piece of music.


A clear understanding of how the musical piece is constructed helps us learn faster, much like how knowing a street map enables us to drive more efficiently. With knowledge of tonal syntax from our music theory studies, we gain the ability to predict logical chord progressions, which allows us to improvise music that sounds authentic, logical, and cohesive. 

We developed a comprehensive curriculum for aspiring musicians that will complement their major lessons and level up their skills. Unlike Individual Music Theory Lessons, these classes are designed for small groups of students 7+ years old.

 All lectures and materials are provided via an online platform, so you'll easily access them from the comfort of your home.

 In our small group setting, teachers have the ability and the resources to spend extra time on learning materials and feedback. 

 Students who successfully complete their Music Theory class will receive a Certificate of Completion of their level.


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Level 1 Online Music Theory course is divided into 12 class sessions: once a week for 12 weeks. In class, students will participate in interactive lessons, discussions, and activity packets, developing their theory skills in an interesting and engaging way. We’ll be learning all about the fundamentals of music theory—everything from staff notation, note reading, rhythm, and meter, to chords, scales, and musical form. The class will be especially advantageous for RCM students, as we’ll be covering the full RCM theory curriculum through Level 1.

Session start:

April 2021

Tuition for 12 weeks:



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For our Level 2 Online Music Theory Class, students will advance their music theory skills by participating in interactive lessons, discussions, and activities. The curriculum will build off of the fundamental skills covered in Level 1 Music Theory—expanding students’ knowledge of rhythm, melody, and harmony through both writing and analysis. This course is divided into 12 weekly 45 min-long class sessions.   

Session start:

April 2021

Tuition for 12 weeks:



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Having a strong understanding of music theory is a vital skill for all musicians, regardless of age or experience. Studying music theory gives students a more holistic understanding of the music they are learning, and is the ultimate catalyst for developing musicians to become independent learners and masters of their own progress. Level 3 students will tackle proper music notation, transposition, listening skills, and analysis, writing their own melodies, and more! 

Session start:

April 2021

Tuition for 12 weeks:



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Our level 4 class is the final stage of group classes in music theory, completing their intermediate theory studies and preparing them to continue into advanced music theory and analysis with an individual instructor. Students in this class will continue to expand their music theory knowledge from Level 3 to include more complex concepts including blues scales and harmony, rhythmic subdivision, chord symbols, and structural analysis.   

Session start:

April 2021

Tuition for 12 weeks:




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