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Children Singing in a Choir


7 - 12

years old


Level 1+

(or equivalent)


​Age Requirements

Students must be 7 - 12 years old and at least RCM Level 1 (or equivalent) - Voice

Ensemble Fees

$225 annual entry fee. This year's fee will be prorated to $135 for the rest of the school year. Ensemble fee includes sheet music and additional materials. Recital fees are not included.

Audition Repertoire

All applicants are required to submit two videos. The first video should feature a song of your own choice, and the second video must be a pentatonic scale selected from the RCM Level 1 Voice or equivalent. Applications with only one video will not be accepted.

Consider choosing a piece that you have studied with a teacher and displays the best of your musical abilities. Music from the RCM repertoire is encouraged, but not required.

Application Deadline

Applications are due on or before February 8, 2024

Results will be announced on February 10, 2024.


All auditions are to be submitted by video online through the WePlay Music application portal. Past participants must audition again to participate in the ensemble each school year.

Rehearsals & Performance

Attendance at all weekly rehearsals is mandatory, and students are expected to come thoroughly prepared for each session. The rehearsals, lasting 45 minutes per week, require active participation and readiness to maximize the learning experience.

Students are allowed 2 missed ensemble rehearsals/school year. If missed rehearsals become more consistent than this, the student will be suspended from the ensemble.

All participants are required to perform with the ensemble in the upcoming Summer Recitals. Additional performance opportunities may be offered each year.

Video Recording Instructions

  • Begin each video with a brief introduction, stating your name, age, and the song you will be performing. 

  • Choose a quiet and well-lit space for recording to ensure that the video captures your performance clearly. 

  • Ensure that the recording is of high quality, with clear audio and video. Use a good quality camera or smartphone for recording. Position the camera so that both your hands and your face are visible.


  • Practice each piece thoroughly to showcase your technical proficiency and musicality. Get help from your teacher to maximize your preparation.

  • Pay attention to dynamics, phrasing, and overall expression to demonstrate a well-rounded performance.

  • In your recording, emphasize your interpretative skills, musical understanding, and personal flair.


Remember to practice, rehearse, and take the time to make sure your recordings reflect your true musical abilities. Good luck with your ensemble application!

Rehearsal Schedule
2023 - 2024 Season

Rehearsal Dates

WePlay Parkview

Mondays 5:30 - 6:15 pm

February 12 - May 20

Dress Rehearsal

WePlay Parkview

Monday 5:30 - 6:15 pm

May 27


Segerstrom Samueli Theater (Subject to change)

June 2 (Time TBA)

Application Form


Have you taken lessons before?

What singer or style of music inspires you?

If so, for how many years?

Why do you like to sing?

Are you currently taking lessons at WePlay Music?

Level of Experience?

What was the last piece of music you worked on?

Experienced Students
If you have taken an exam before, please submit your exam evaluation provided by the board and certificate. 
Add Certificate
Add Evaluation
Audition Video Submission
Please submit a video performing one song and one pentatonic scale.
Piece #1

This form no longer accepts submissions.

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