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We are looking for teachers that are energetic, creative, and passionate about impacting future instrumentalists.

Required qualifications:

  • Bachelor or Master Degree in Performance or Music Education

  • Minimum 3-year Teaching experience

  • Significant Experience working with children

  • Experience teaching online

Preferred skills/qualifications include:

  • Good communication skills, in both spoken and written English

  • Friendly approachable personality

  • Good time management, communication, and organization skills

  • Familiar with ABRSM, RCM or Rockschool exams. Should be prepared to enter students into graded examinations

  • An excellent Internet connection and Online Lesson set-up at home including, but not limited to, dual monitor, dual camera, green screen, etc.

Main responsibilities:

  • Plan and deliver high-quality comprehensive lessons that are appropriate to the level, age, and development track of individual students, including both classical and contemporary music

  • Complete written reports for students and communicate with parents about students progress

  • Applicants must be willing to develop as teachers, undergo training, and, where appropriate, work towards gaining qualifications

Rewards of working with us:

  • Have the opportunity to focus on teaching without the burden of scheduling and payments

  • Receive competitive pay rates and incentives

  • Positive working atmosphere

  • Professional development

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