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Little Amadeus Level 2

Monthly Plan


Class Time


Little Amadeus Level 2

Ms. Olivia

Preschool Music Teacher

As a teacher, Ms. Olivia believes that every music student has the ability to succeed and that every student’s life can be enriched through the study of music. At WePlay Music, she aims to create a safe and encouraging space for students to feel comfortable to experiment, discover, challenge themselves, and grow—both as musicians and as individuals.

About the Class

Little Amadeus is a comprehensive approach to early foundations in musicianship and music literacy for children ages 5-6 years old. Through this course, your Little Amadeus will develop the skills and knowledge that will prepare them for success in their future music studies. In this class, children will participate in games and activities that aid in the development of fine and gross motor skills, bilateral coordination, expressivity, and creativity as well as foundational musical concepts and skills such as rhythm, beginner music reading, solfege singing, music terminology, and performance etiquette. Through the guidance of our expert teachers, Little Amadeus will also learn to identify and talk about different music styles and genres, composers, instruments, and other concepts. Outside the classroom, the Music for Little Amadeus program will provide you with plenty of recordings, activities, and instrument resources so your child can keep learning and music-making at home.

In the Level 2 class, Little Amadeus continue to build upon all of the foundational skills that they developed in Level 1 including motor skills, coordination, sense of rhythm and tempo, expressivity, and creativity. At this more advanced level, however, teachers will help your child to read, play, and sing more advanced melodies and rhythms as well as discuss attributes of a piece of music in more detail, expanding the vocabulary with which they discuss volume, pitch, instrumentation, emotional quality, and articulation. Level 2 students will continue to grow their knowledge of composers, instruments, and ensembles and will also begin to identify different styles of music such as classical, jazz, and rock/pop. Graduation from the Level 2 class is determined by each individual child’s progress, usually after about 4-8 months. Once graduating from Little Amadeus program, your child will have an exceptional foundation to begin their applied instrument studies!

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